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Training in Non-Technical Skills and Error Prevention

Whilst good Human Factors engineering and safety management undoubtedly support human performance, errors can also occur as a result of cognitive biases (i.e. how we think), how people interact with each other and organisational culture.

Dysfunctional teamwork and individual behaviour can have an impact on productivity, cause bad decision making and promote unsafe practices.


Enabling error management

Training enhances companies’ awareness of errors caused by individual or group behaviour and provides people with the skills and knowledge to be able to spot and respond to ‘precursor signals’. Such non-technical skills (NTS) training encourages people to take a step back and reflect upon their situation and the behaviours that they themselves, and others, may be displaying.

By training the workforce to proactively implement NTS and psychological techniques, people working in safety critical and high hazard organisations will be better able to prevent, detect and respond to precursor signals of human error before these manifest into an incident or accident.

Interactive, skill-based training supports learners to consolidate knowledge from the classroom environment back into their operational environment, through the use of practical exercises, case studies and hypothetical scenarios.

Our services

Our non-technical skills (NTS) training enhances self-awareness and enables people to identify and manage error through advanced psychological and behavioural techniques, resulting in high performance of safety critical tasks, improved task reliability and resilience in high stress scenarios.

Our NTS training:

  • Teaches directors and managers to integrate Human Factors into their safety systems such that they are more tolerant of error
  • Supports leaders and supervisors to demonstrate and champion the application of NTS across operational teams and individual members of the workforce
  • Enhances workforce awareness of cognitive biases and social influences and fosters practical skills and psychological techniques to help individuals and teams recognise, respond to, and avoid error
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Our training is underpinned by innovative and interactive methods of delivery and solution-focused activities to enhance learning. Self-reflective pre-work is coupled with classroom discussion, structured input sessions, individual/small group activities, discovery exercises, case studies, videos, picture-based and live mock-up scenarios to enable skills practice.

What is special about Greenstreet Berman

Our training has been developed based on our experience across all high hazard sectors.

  • Practical, engaging, latest thinking training
  • Accredited (TAP.Cert) expert trainers, professionally qualified in psychology, Human Factors and ergonomics
  • Research led syllabus with training content underpinned by adult learning theory and a robust evidence base
  • Modular and bespoke training solutions to meet client specific requirements
  • Transferable multi-sector experience from safety critical and high hazard industries

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