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Training in Human Factors

Human Factors covers many aspects of management, engineering and staffing. Human error is multi causal.

  • Human Factors needs to be integrated into your safety management system, training, supervision, procedures, workplace design, risk assessment and emergency arrangements
  • Engineers need to integrate Human Factors into the design of systems, equipment and facilities
  • Accident investigators need to integrate Human Factors into their root cause analysis
  • Human performance and high reliability requires a holistic approach to managing the human element of risk

Human Factors Training

Enabling you to deliver improvements in Safety & Operational Performance

Successful implementation of Human Factors benefits from embedding skills, knowledge and a Human Factor orientation within key staff.

Human Factors training can give you the ability to:

  • Understand how Human Factors fits into your operations and how best to integrate it
  • Deliver many Human Factors solutions in-house
  • Orientate your staff to understand human error and how to facilitate improved human performance

We are extremely proud of our record in relation to the work we have completed for our clients. I have always stated that MoD feels very fortunate to have Greenstreet Berman supporting the management of its safety case and covering the range of safety management / HF issues it faces. Experience to date demonstrates that Greenstreet Berman produce high quality work, are innovative in identifying solutions and are focused on meeting the customer’s requirements. I very much hope our relationship continues in this vein.

Tailored practitioner level training provides your managers, engineers and specialists with the ability to apply Human Factors principles, methods and concepts.

Our Human Factors training services

We have trained professionals from rail, nuclear, health care, oil and gas, chemicals, transport, leisure and other sectors.

Introductory & awareness courses

  • Human Factors and safety
  • What is Human Factors
  • Key principles and concepts
  • Case studies
  • How Human Factors applies to your organisation

Foundation courses

  • Introduction to Human Factors
  • Safety Culture and behavioural safety
  • Human Factors of safety assessment & root cause analysis
  • Human Factors of safety management
  • Human Factors engineering
  • Non-technical skills

Bespoke advanced courses on specific methods

  • Task and error analysis
  • Safety critical task analysis
  • Human Reliability Assessment
  • Workload and staffing level assessments
  • Fatigue assessment
  • Ergonomic procedures
  • Ergonomic interfaces

GSB deliver the Human Factors foundation course for the Energy Institute. See more >

Tailored and bespoke courses

Content can be tailored to your operations, key issues and safety management systems. We can deliver in-house courses to as few as five, to many hundreds of staff. We can offer simultaneous translation from English if required.

If interested in our Human Factors training course you can contact us here.

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Safety specialists
  • Engineers
  • Incident investigators
  • In-house Human Factors specialists

What is special about Greenstreet Berman

Sharing a wealth of practitioner experience

Greenstreet Berman staff deliver the Human Factors foundation course for the Energy Institute.

  • Our trainers share their cross sector Human Factors experience
  • We can share practical tips and hints from many years of practical experience
  • Our trainers are qualified and experienced Human Factors professionals
    See more >
  • We can seek accreditation for bespoke courses from the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Interactive skills based training
  • Advanced adult learning techniques
  • Accredited trainers
An intensive but very useful course.
I would highly recommend it to
anybody interested in the Human Factors field.
The delegates really enjoyed the
course and the feedback has
been great.