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Human Factors of Safety Management

Human error is a factor in most major accidents. In many cases the organisation, prior to the accident, thought it had mature and effective safety management arrangements.

High reliability is dependent on human performance.

Safety management system

Human Factors requirements

In high hazard and safety critical operations, it is essential that safety management arrangements optimise the Human Factors of risk control, especially in complex systems and time critical operations. When organisations undergo change, whether this is downsizing, performing new operations or using new technology, the Human Factors of safety management must be optimised.

The regulation of all high hazard operations (such as COMAH and other safety case regulations) requires that Human Factors is effectively integrated into safety management arrangements.
Human Factors can determine safety requirements from safety cases, safety assessment and safety critical task analysis, and go from these to identification of suitable and effective Human Factors systems and arrangements. By taking a person-centred approach, informed by professional expertise in human and organisational performance, Human Factors ensures that safety management arrangements are effective and sustainable, and support high reliability operations….with people being part of the solution not part of the problem.

High Reliability Organisations are able to manage and sustain almost error-free performance despite operating in hazardous conditions where the consequences of error could be catastrophic. – Health and Safety Executive.


Our services

We offer a comprehensive set of services that provide a wholistic approach to integrating Human Factors into safety management. From task design, through competence, organisation and ongoing learning, we cover all elements of assuring Human Factors of safety management.

  • Human Factors Integration Plans
    determining needs and developing solutions
  • Investigating Human Performance issues
  • Human Factors Benchmarking
  • Audit – validation and verification
  • Human Factors for safety cases
  • Training in Human Factors of safety management
Safety Management

What is special about Greenstreet Berman

  • Sharing lessons learnt from our cross sector expertise – rail, nuclear, oil and gas, emergency services, healthcare, chemicals, defence and others
  • Experts in high hazard, safety critical and complex systems
  • Technical Human Factors advisors to safety regulators
  • Assists blue chip organisations to implement practical Human Factors solutions
  • Professionally qualified psychologists: Human Factors and ergonomics
  • Registered Consultancy with the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Drawing on Human Factors latest best practice, standards and benchmarks to offer authoritative advice and support
  • Cutting edge research into Human Factors and human performance

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