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Human Factors of Safety Assessment

Human error is a common cause of major incidents. People are often relied on to recognise and control incidents, acting quickly and effectively to minimise the effects of an escalating accident.

Safety case regulations require that a systematic approach is required to foresee and understand all significant human errors and to identify Human Factors risk reduction options throughout the life cycle of design, operation and decommissioning. Claims on human performance must be realistic and validated. Human Factors risk controls must be effective and meet recognised good or best practice.

A good safety management system incorporates Human Factors throughout its evolvement to deliver comprehensive and effective risk controls that are taken on board by end users.

Industries without a regulatory requirement recognise that implementing best practice safety assessments results in a better managed, safer and more effective organisation.


The training, staffing levels, human machine interface, procedures, workload management, workspace design and other Human Factors requirements for safe operation must be identified and integrated into operational safety management systems.

Human Factors of Safety Assessment

It is recognised good practice to develop and implement a Human Factors integration plan for safety assessment and assurance of all high hazard and safety critical systems.

Human Factors of safety assessments ensures

  • Systematic and complete identification of human errors
  • Understanding of the cause and effect of human errors
  • Human failures and human based safety claims are screened for further analysis
  • Valid and realistic estimates of human error likelihood
  • No over-reliance on human based safety claims
  • Valid assumptions about human performance
  • Human Factors risk controls help reduce risk As Low As Reasonable Practicable
  • Human Factors requirements are integrated into operational safety management

Supporting high human performance for safety critical tasks


Assuring regulatory approval of safety cases

Our Services

We provide the full range of Human Factors assessment services in support of Safety Cases, COMAH, Safety Assessment and Verification. We also act as Independent Technical Assessors and Peer Reviewers of the Human Factors aspects of safety cases and safety assessments. This includes the Human Factors of:

  • What if, HAZOP, FMEA and HAZAN
  • Deterministic, Probabilistic and Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Bow ties, Fault and Event Trees
  • Hazard Identification
  • Design Substantiation
  • Optioneering reviews
Human error

We support numerous safety cases and assessments of complex safety critical systems, including:

  • Early System Designs
  • Operational Safety cases
  • Design safety cases
  • Periodic Safety Cases updates

Examples of our work

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What is special about Greenstreet Berman

Not only are we recognised by our clients for our expertise in process safety across many high hazard sectors but we also work alongside regulators to understand their requirements and expectations.

  • We are professionally qualified Human Factors and Ergonomics experts and Psychologists
  • We are registered with or chartered by our respective professional institutes
  • As an owner managed professional service company, we can offer an independent service
  • We provide professional services to safety critical and high hazard operators, infrastructure companies, and regulators
  • We act as sub-contractors to engineering and safety assessment prime contractors
  • We work on the Human Factors of many engineering and complex systems across many sectors