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Human and organisational performance

Catastrophic accidents often reveal that reliable safety management arrangements were ineffective, faulty or systematically breached, with a blind eye turned toward problems and faults tolerated despite past negative experience.

Poor Safety Cultures

  • Gradual undetected degradation of safety performance
  • Loss of organisational memory
  • Tolerance of erosion of safety standards
  • Reliance on ineffective safety management arrangements
  • Employee non-compliance with inadequate risk controls
  • Misperception of risks
  • Occurrence of human error
  • Staff dissatisfaction and low morale

Plenty of examples exist across different industries where the gradual erosion of safety performance appeared never to breach a threshold of organisational consciousness, until a major accident or near-miss made everyone sit up and take notice.

Jon Berman and Peter Ackroyd, 2006

High performing organisations

Organisations responsible for safety critical or high hazard operations must achieve the highest standards of performance and strive for continuous improvement.

  • Sustained vigilance and challenge
  • Trusted & respected safety management arrangements
  • Competent, committed & co-operative teams
  • Practical procedures
  • Error tolerant systems
  • High reliability operations
  • Open, challenging, learning & responsive cultures
Human performance and safety

Our Services

We provide expert assessment of the causes and nature of human and organisational performance issues and help develop leading edge solutions.

Assessment and understanding

We use a toolkit of critical incident analysis, surveys, workshops, systems review and observation to profile, understand and define the underlying causes of performance issues. Exploring their root causes, we develop deep insights into organisational culture, staff competence, management arrangements, organisational change, business model, staff management or change in operational demands.


We compare organisation, management and Human Factors arrangements to recognised good practice and latest guidance on modern standards of safety management to benchmark performance against defined measures.

Strategy and action planning

We develop realistic visions, targets and objectives for organisations. Drawing on our practical experience we create SMART actions plans that remove barriers to change and to enable improvement.

Organisational performance

Learning lessons from high performing organisations

We identify lessons learnt from high performing organisations to offer solutions to specific issues. We draw on cross sector knowledge and experience to recommend examples of truly effective methods for improving performance.

Supporting improvement

We develop bespoke solutions and support their implementation, whether this is training managers in advanced forms of leadership, introducing more effective organisational learning or more ergonomic procedures. We can work in partnership with organisations to implement change.

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What is special about Greenstreet Berman

Recognised by our clients as offering independent thought and leading-edge research, we have grown into one of the largest Human Factors and safety culture companies in the UK.

  • Cross sector expertise
  • Knowledge of good practice in high reliability organisations
  • Worked with safety regulators
  • Safety critical and high hazard expertise
  • Chartered Psychologists and Human Factors expertise
  • Leading edge research and thought leadership