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Emergency Management Training

Emergency management – Initiating and co-ordinating an effective response.Emergency management Training

In every business there is always the potential for operations to go outside of normal parameters. Causes and contributors may be internal to the organisation, such as personnel action/inaction and system faults or failures, or external, such as changes in environmental conditions or acts of terrorism.


Left undetected, impacts can rapidly escalate with catastrophic consequences to people, property, and the environment. Furthermore, poor response to events can result in further damage to organisational reputation, financial costs and loss of production. Despite this however, few businesses train their staff in the knowledge and behaviours required to support early detection and effective response to abnormal events.

Building your in-house emergency management capability

The development of in-house expertise enables organisations to provide prompt, collaborative, competent and agile emergency responders, characterised by people who:

  • Interrogate information to understand what is happening
  • Objectively exchange information concisely and in a timely manner
  • Rapidly identify abnormal events and consider response options
  • Make timely decisions underpinned by assessment of risk
  • Challenge their own and others’ situational awareness and decision making
  • Adapt to changing circumstances in an agile manner
  • Communicate effectively

Emergency management training can enhance individual and team situational awareness, decision making, teamwork and communication skills. Moreover, it can enhance cognitive and non-technical skills required to effectively manage Human Error during high pressure dynamic situations.

Emergency arrangements

Our bespoke emergency management training

Our emergency management training is designed to enable people to deliver a rapid, effective and agile response to incidents, building shared situational awareness and teamwork.

We focus on the cognitive, communication and teamwork skills needed for effective response and provide awareness of psychosocial sources that contribute to error. We go beyond procedural training, to help people develop their decision making, interpersonal and teamwork skills within time pressured high stress emergency situations.

We develop bespoke courses built around your hazards, operational environment and emergency response arrangements, so that training can be directly applied in your organisation.

Our skill-based training is grounded in the psychological principles of adult learning and draws on a combination of techniques to ensure relevance, engagement, progressive skill development and consolidation of knowledge.

bespoke emergency management training

With core messages often delivered to all grades and departments, taking a three-tiered approach to training structure and delivery can ease the burden on organisations, without losing impact:

training structure

What is special about Greenstreet Berman

We are an independent consultancy with a 20-year track record of successful delivery.

  • Practical and engaging training
  • Accredited (TAP.Cert) expert trainers, professionally qualified in psychology, Human Factors and ergonomics
  • Research led syllabus with training content underpinned by models of organisational culture and a robust evidence base
  • Modular and bespoke training solutions to meet client specific requirements
  • Transferable multi-sector experience from safety critical and high hazard industries

Example project

Emergency management within a large water industry organisation
Greenstreet Berman provided support to develop emergency management procedures and a three-tiered training programme to enhance in-house capability and consistency of response to adverse events/emergency situations. This encompassed additional consideration for client specific requirements, such as:

  • Industry regulations and performance monitoring
  • Requirements for internal and external stakeholder engagement
  • Structure and processes for contributing to a multi-agency response
  • Distinct requirements for waste water events versus clean water events

Greenstreet Berman updated and delivered the training over a four-year period and supported the client to enhance and measure the impact of the training through the conduct of independent audits, event debriefs, development of additional templates to support procedural implementation.