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BAE Systems Chairman’s Business Leader award for best project on “Determining the Value of Human Factors Integration”. 2016

Greenstreet Berman Ltd. in conjunction with a team from BAE Systems and Arke Ltd. won the Chairman’s Business Leader Award 2016.

The project, which was delivered to very tight timescales, was judged to have: “stood out as remarkable” and was considered to be inspired work that exceeded customer expectation.

The project involved identifying costs and quantifying the benefits (or not) of undertaking Human Factors Integration (HFI) processes within UK defence and other industries.

Greenstreet Berman Ltd. supported the overall project but were specifically tasked with collecting evidence from a range of sources from other industries to identify the benefits (commercial or otherwise) from implementation of HFI and to identify any lessons from those industries which may be utilised within defence.

The project identified a number of military case studies to illustrate the cost effectiveness of HFI. There was no evidence to indicate that the cost effectiveness of HFI is better in non-defence sectors. A key recommendation was that there may be value in ensuring that HFI processes (such as JSP 912) place a specific requirement to conduct a quantitative review of HFI cost effectiveness at project outset.