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Foodborne Diseases

27th June 2016:

CRC Press have released for sale “Foodborne Diseases: Case Studies of Outbreaks in the Agri-Food Industries” featuring a chapter by Michael Wright, Greenstreet Berman’s lead on safety culture, titled ‘Manufacturing Food Safety Incidents and the Role of Food Safety Culture’.

The book notes that “Serious incidents in large food producers indicate that the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of people can undermine food safety technology, training, auditing, accreditation and food safety management”. The chapter summarises three food incidents which occurred due to the “decisions of managers, highlighting the importance of organizational culture”, noting that organizations “..must focus on the underlying causes of behaviour rather than the observable examples of staff non-compliance”. It goes on to outline how an organisation can assess its food safety culture, complete root cause analysis of the cultural aspects of food safety incidents and offers some insights into how to improve food safety culture.
Edited by Jan Mei Soon, Louise Manning and Carol A. Wallace it “provides insight into the causes and management of outbreaks along with practical lessons about foodborne disease prevention strategies relevant to stakeholders throughout the food supply chain”.

The book can be purchased here.