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Managing the human element of risk

Recognised by our clients as offering independent thought and leading-edge ideas.

Our chartered Psychologists, registered Human Factors and Ergonomists, have provided advice, training and research to both public and private sector clients since 1997.

As well as the confidence of more than 20 years’ experience and some of the most highly qualified professionals in the industry, we offer the assurance of an ISO accredited quality management system across our broad range of services from hardware design to individual behaviour and organisational culture.

We serve national and international clients from our office in London.

Why Greenstreet Berman

We understand the human element of risk, why people and organisations behave as they do, what needs to change to bring about lasting effect, how to improve performance and achieve truly effective evidence-based solutions.

Our Core values



Chartered Ergonomists and Human Factors

Certified Trainers and Coachers


Registered consultancy:
chartered institute of ergonomics and human factors


Otto Edholm Award from the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, April, 2017
BAE Systems Chairman’s Business Leader award for best project on “Determining the Value of Human Factors Integration”, 2016
G 2000x2000
Hutchison Medal by the Institution of Chemical Engineers for a joint paper (Jon Berman with Peter Ackroyd) on Organisational Drift , 2006
G 2000x2000
Nominated for BAE Systems Chairman’s award 2017 for Safety Culture Assessment Framework.

Leading edge research and thinking

Organisational drift – a challenge for enduring safety
The paper presents some observations concerning the types of defence that could detect early signs of…
Assessing Safety Culture: recent developments and lessons learnt
The purpose of the paper is to prompt organisations to consider carefully how to make best use of safety culture assessments…
‘Supervision+’ – scoring high marks for compliance through supervisor non-technical skills
In response to a desire to further improve safety performance within a licensee facility, Greenstreet Berman developed a tailored programme…

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